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unleashing bravery requires boldness

BEST AUDIENCE: Leadership Teams, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Direct Sales Organizations, Hospitality Organizations, Associations, Sales Teams

Bravery is making the conscious choice to step out of our comfort zone, adding boldness to that allows us to transform ourselves or our company. We all have the ability, it’s just a matter of allowing ourselves to sweat a little and feel some butterflies in our stomach. What happens on the other side of a brave action is growth for us personally and professionally; paving the way to enable our colleagues, peers, or company to look at something in a different way and to break out of the boundaries. Be willing to insert yourself into the unknown, learn new things, challenge new ideas, and don’t be afraid to shine the light on your skills and abilities. Find your inner voice and let it roar.
Become Unstoppable In Your Quest
Unshakeable in Your Confidence
Clear on Your Vision to Propel Your Goals Forward This presentation provides tangible strategies and steps to display courage and add boldness in order to own your narrative, tell your story your way, and live unapologetically.

the art of courageous conversations

Courageous conversations are necessary both professionally and personally and are critical to lead organizations, teams, and individuals to develop high-performing cultures based on trust and respect. They are also critical to have at home to be a better parent, significant other, and friend. Learn how to gain the courage to talk to almost anyone about anything and change the way you personally respond to different moments to get different results. Also learn the skills to be candid and have direct conversations in a kind and professional way that not only preserves but enhances the relationship. Utilize your new skills for team building, performance management, conflict resolution, and problem solving.

Leverage the 7 step guide to navigate a courageous conversation, understanding:
How to leverage courage
When to enter a courageous conversation
The benefits personally and for organizations

Keynote comes with custom take-a-way's and toolkit to provide each attendee with a tangible guide to implement the learning after our time together.

connecting talent to create high performing teams

Human capital is an organizations greatest asset. We have to be laser focused on how we attract, engage and retain employees in order to boost productivity and profit.

This session outlines how to leverage data to evaluate the people metrics against the business metrics to identify what drives the highest return on investment aligned to the organization’s goals and objectives. Do you have the right people on the bus and in the right seats to achieve your organizations strategic plan and initiatives?


Evaluate the people metrics against the business metrics to identify what drives the highest return on investment aligned to the organization’s goals and objectives.

This session is designed to go on a journey of the past, present and future to get clear on your vision of success and what is required to be paved out of the way in order to
Find Your Path to Work You Love
Navigate Through the Obstacles
Be Intentional About Presence & Time Management
Develop Career Growth Strategies
Go from Good to Great

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